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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 14:32:34 -0800 From: Tom Baxter Subject: Pensacola - 7This story is fantasy. It never happened. If it is illegal or inappropriate for you to read this, don't.Any similarities between the mentoring organization mentioned in this story and any actual organization is purely coincidental. The author is not stating or implying anything about any organization.This story is the property of the author. The author encourages others to read it, download it, and even print it for their own use. Any commercial use, mass reproduction or reposting to another website, however, would require permission from the author in advance. Copyright 2009.--------------------------------- Pensacola - Chapter 7 ---------------------------------Lt Pride put Josh through the wringer on his `safe for solo' check flight Thursday morning. 10,000 feet above southern Alabama the lieutenant took control of the aircraft and instructed Josh to close his eyes and lean forward, putting his head down towards his knees. Lt Pride pulled the throttle to idle, raised the nose and slowed the aircraft to a stall. Then he shoved his left foot to the floor deflecting the rudder full left and pushed the control stick full forward and right sending the ailerons elweb toplist and elevator to full deflection as well.The T-34 flipped violently towards the left and fell nose down. The yaw Lt Pride introduced onto the stalled wing sent the aircraft into an incipient spin. The lieutenant held these inputs a bit longer until the spin fully developed. "You have control!" Lt Pride announced. Josh sat up and opened his eyes only to find the world spinning past his windscreen at an incredible rate. "I have control!" Josh yelled back more from his fundamental training child toplist candid than an actual description of how he felt at the moment.The movement of Josh's cartoons toplist head during this ls toplist violent aircraft motion disturbed the balance sensors in his middle ear. Josh was instantly disoriented; unaware of the feelings of up or down right or left. "Man, the lieutenant fucked me!" Josh thought to himself. Lt Pride sat in the rear cockpit perfectly quiet watching how Josh reacted to the situation.Josh suddenly got a grip and told himself "Work the problem Josh what's the aircraft's status?" He noticed the airspeed at about 80 knots, the gyro was rolling, the Angle of Attack was pegged at the top of the gauge, the Vertical Speed Indicator was at 6000 feet per minute rate of descent and the turn needle was pegged full left. Josh analyzed these indications and realized the aircraft was in a fully developed upright spin that it would not recover from without precise control inputs from the pilot.Josh implemented his spin-recovery procedures by jamming the rudder pedal full-right and holding the non nude teens toplist control stick with both hands perfectly centering the ailerons. He watched as the rotation of the spin slowed, but the aircraft was sluggish to completely recover. "Push the stick teen fuck toplist forward slightly" Lt Pride instructed in a voice that was oddly calm given that the aircraft was plummeting towards the earth at a speed that gave them just over one minute to impact. Josh did as the lieutenant said and he watched the airspeed build and the angle of attack fall. When the airspeed passed 150 knots Josh pulled steadily straight back on the stick and recovered from the dive."Nice job Josh!" Lt Pride congratulated. "We would have eventually come out of the spin with the control inputs that you had set, but by rape fetish toplist pushing the stick forward a bit more, you helped break the angle of attack and got airflow across the wing faster." "I'll remember that next time" Josh replied. His stomach felt sick from the combination of being violently spun and the disorientation Lt Pride induced by having him move his head during the spin. He toplist lollitas just underground toplist russian teen wanted to get back on the ground.After the flight, Josh knew the lieutenant only had two choices on this check ride, he would either stamp Josh's training form with the black "Safe for Solo" stamp or the red "Unsatisfactory Event" stamp. Josh was relieved when he saw "Safe for Solo" stamped boldly across the top of his grading sheet. Lt Pride was very thorough in his debriefing of Josh, since these were the last words of wisdom he could impart before Josh took to the skies tomorrow all by himself."I'll see you at the O-Club tomorrow afternoon Josh!" said Lt Pride. "Yes sir, I'll see you there!" said Josh. "Oh, and Josh, I prefer Jack Daniels" the lieutenant added. "Yes sir" Josh replied not really understanding what he meant.Josh went over to the Study Center. "I'm safe for solo!" Josh announced to the other student aviators. "Congratulations dude!" said Mark. Chris and Drew had completed their solo flights earlier in the day and were busy telling everyone how they had torn up the Pensacola skies with porn cartoons toplist their superior flying skills. Ryan and Nick had also just completed their check flights that afternoon and had been deemed `safe for solo.' Josh would be joining them Friday as they each climbed into an aircraft for the first time alone."So my On-Wing told me he likes Jack Daniels, what's that all about?" Josh questioned the guys. "Ya dude, you gotta buy your On-Wing a bottle of his choice it's tradition" replied Drew. "Fuck, I didn't know bout that either, I guess I need to figure out what my instructor likes" said Ryan. "I need to get down to the uniform shop to buy a necktie too" added Josh. "While you're there, could you pick one up for me?" said Chris. "Anybody else?" nude beach pics toplist laughed Josh. "If ya don't mind, I need one too" said Nick. "Sure!""So are we gonna have the whole class at the beach party on Sunday?" asked Josh. "Ya, toplist illegal xxx we should have just about everyone, I haven't heard anyone say that they're not coming Pete is even coming back from a trip to New Orleans a little early in order to make it" replied Mark. "Great! We should have a blast. Oh, and it looks like I will be bringing Brandon, my little brother from that mentoring program." "Cool!" said Mark "I'd like to meet him... we'll just have to keep him away from Brad as much as possible" Mark laughed.Josh made two more stops on base before starting home, one at the uniform shop to buy 3 neckties and the other at the Class 6 package store to buy the bottle of Jack Daniels for Lt Pride. Whiting Field was in Santa Rosa County which was a dry county so Josh had to sign a form stating that he was either consuming the alcohol on base or that he was removing it from the county. Josh thought this was kind of a strange holdover from the prohibition era or something. "Boy, the South really is different from the rest of the country" Josh thought to himself. df toplist illegal ===============Josh took Brandon to eat dinner at the Waffle House. They realized that this toplist sex comics restaurant was not a normal dinner choice, but they were rushed nude lola toplist for time in order to make their 7:30 movie. Josh always thought the Waffle House was entertaining how they yelled the order to the cook, who was only a few feet away, right from your table. "Over easy, hash browns scattered, smothered and covered!" the waitress yelled Josh's order.Brandon ordered pancakes, sausage and grits. "What the fuck are grits, anyway?" Josh asked Brandon. "How the hell should I know" Brandon replied "I've just eaten `em my whole life, an I like `em." "Well, is it meat?" Josh inquired. "No, ya idiot! It's more like oatmeal" Brandon laughed. "Well shit, I don't know, I've never even seen it before!" Josh defended himself. "I'll let you try some of mine an you can grow ur topkds toplists food knowledge!" joked Brandon.Josh tried the grits and decided he didn't care much for them. "What was that you were telling me bout `pallet' and `appreciation'? We're gonna have to work on you to appreciate the finer small toplist parts of southern cookin!" Brandon teased. "Ya, ya" Josh agreed that he had been caught for another of his `snobby' moments.The movie was a horror picture. Normally Josh didn't care much for these because he didn't like the feeling of being `out of control' that scary movies created. Brandon, on the other hand, loved horror movies and hardly wanted to see anything else. Josh enjoyed the closeness that the movie created, however, in that Brandon got scared and practically climbed into Josh's lap.They chose seats at the top of the theatre all the way to one corner. This provided privacy both because most of the people stayed to the center and it was also a bit darker. They lifted up the armrest between them allowing them to scoot closer. Brandon had one leg over the top of Josh's and it rest between his legs. Josh put his hands on Brandon's inner thigh and would occasionally squeeze tight at an intense moment of the movie to scare Brandon. "Fucker!" Brandon would scold as he punched Josh in the arm.Late in the movie when the scary premise began to lose its shock value, Josh began massaging Brandon's inner thigh. Brandon reacted by relaxing and opening his legs a bit further. Josh began to stroke up into the leg of Brandon's shorts. Brandon had to adjust his cock a bit; it had grown hard while pointed straight down. Brandon moved it so it was now growing towards the left, towards Josh's hand.By the time Josh's hand reached Brandon's boy meat it was hard as a rock. Josh felt a small spot of moisture on Brandon's boxer briefs from his pre-cum. Josh grabbed the shaft through the underwear and made a few strokes on it. Brandon was vocal as ever toplist sexe xxx "Aaaah!" "Shhh!" cautioned Josh "people are gonna be more interested in us than this stupid movie." Brandon laughed quietly as Josh worked his hand into the leg of his briefs.Josh boy links toplist was now able to grab Brandon's dick flesh-on-flesh. He loved illegal nude toplist the warmth, smoothness, and rigidity of Brandon's cock. Brandon scooted in closer so he could rest his head on Josh's shoulder as ukrainian porn toplists Josh pumped away up and down his 5" shaft. Brandon made quiet whimpers that began to increase in their frequency. Josh adjusted his hand such that his thumb was rubbing right on the glans of Brandon's penis.Josh increased the speed of his stroke as he sensed Brandon's rise in sexual tension. Brandon began humping his entire body into Josh's hand and started to get a little too loud with the moaning again. Josh turned his head and caught Brandon's mouth 3yo toplist with his. Brandon whimpered into Josh's mouth for a few more seconds before Josh felt Brandon's body tense up and his cock spasmed three or four times. He could feel the warm goo that now filled the left leg of Brandon's shorts."That was cool!" said Brandon. "Sorry dude, didn't mean to leave you with a mess down there" commented Josh. "Ya, we'll have to make a stop at the John on the way nn preeteen toplist out of here" laughed Brandon. Josh noticed a guy a couple rows in front of them about 20 seats over look back a couple times. "I wonder if he looked back when we were entangled back here?" Josh chuckled to himself "that woulda been an eyeful!"It was nearly 10 before they returned to toplist pussy Josh's apartment. As always, Josh heard the motion of Lorna's blinds as he unlocked his door. "I wonder if she thinks I keep strange hours with Brandon?" Josh thought to himself. But, he didn't really care what she thought as long as she kept it to herself.Brandon was interested in getting his hands on Josh's private parts and knew he didn't have a lot of time, so he led Josh down the hallway and kissed him deeply as they reached the foot of the bed. He started lifting Josh's shirt and Josh helped him get it over his art erotic child toplist head. Then Brandon attacked Josh's chest with his mouth, kissing, sucking and licking his way down to Josh's left nipple. Josh reached his arm around Brandon's head and stroked it lovingly as his boyfriend's mouth continued down his abdomen.Brandon loved Josh's belly button. It was right at the base of his flat, tight abdomen and had just the right amount of indentation to be super sexy. This was also the only place there was any hair on Josh's torso, excepting his arm pits. Brandon licked up and down Josh's treasure trail and buried his tongue as deep as could in Josh's navel.Brandon dropped to his knees in front of Josh and with his face six inches from Josh's sexy bulge; he grabbed his belt and with both hands, tore his blue jeans open. He had the jeans unzipped and hanging on Josh solely by the curve of his ass in no time. Brandon enjoyed how Josh always had sexy underwear on. who is girl toplist This evening he was wearing a pair of Diesel briefs that hugged his cock into a tight attractive package. At the moment, however, Josh's cock was growing upwards and left causing the underwear waistband to lift off of Josh's tan-lined skin.Brandon pulled the jeans down and Josh assisted him by stepping out of them one leg at a time toplist teen porn while balancing himself on Brandon's shoulder. Brandon then nudged him until Josh fell backwards onto the king sized bed, his feet still on the floor. Brandon stayed on his knees between Josh's legs and leaned over till his mouth made contact with Josh's swollen member through the fabric of the child fuck toplist Diesel briefs.Brandon lightly chewed and blew his warm breath at Josh's df toplist kds kdz cock through his underwear. Josh was getting worked up and placed his left sex toplist teen hand on Brandon's head while he leaned up to get a better view of the action. Brandon loved watching his abdominal muscles tighten as Josh lifted his torso.Brandon slid the fingers of both hands under the waistband of Josh's briefs and slid them down under his balls. Josh's 7" cock flopped out onto his tight belly. Brandon stuffed his nose into the softness of Josh's balls as he child toplists russian darted his tongue in and out lightly licking the underside of his scrotum.Then Brandon began licking his way up Josh's shaft. Josh dug his fingers into Brandon's long hair. Brandon grabbed Josh's cock with his right hand and directed it right into his mouth and down his throat. Brandon loved sucking Josh's cock and began to bounce his head up and down on it rapidly.Josh's entire body began to join the action as his hand guided Brandon's head and his hips thrust up to meet Brandon's mouth. "I'm gonna cum!" Josh warned. Brandon pulled off pre nudist toplist and began furiously pumping Josh's cock with his hand as he was still not completely comfortable with semen in his mouth. Josh always spurted some strong jets of sperm and the first one caught Brandon on the chin before Brandon pointed his cock upward towards Josh's chest. Several more bursts followed before Josh made df toplist nudist a loud sigh and collapsed backwards onto the bed. Brandon rested his head on Josh's thigh and held the now wilting shaft against his face."Wow!" said Josh. "Why would I ever even consider sleeping with a girl? No girl could ever do what you just did for me!" Brandon smiled, he was happy that he had pleased his boyfriend."Let's go shower this off. I cartoon toplists bet you that ur kinda crusty too under those shorts, huh?" Josh suggested. "Ya, I got dried cum all over my leg!" laughed Brandon. They warmed up the shower and both stepped into the stall. They enjoyed running their hands up and down each schoolgirls toplist other's bodies rinsing off the juice that their love had produced. Once they were clean they stood under the warm spray in an embrace, heads on each others shoulders. ===============Since Josh had no flight instructor for his Solo hop, Josh briefed with the Flight Duty Officer Friday afternoon. The FDO asked Josh to describe his plan for the conduct of the flight. "I'm scheduled for operating area #1, so I'll request a Saufley departure here out of Whiting Field and once I'm established in the area I will execute the maneuvers listed on the ATF before I go into an Outlying Field for landing practice" Josh explained."Which OLF do you plan to go to?" the FDO asked. "I'll try to get into Summerdale unless the pattern is full, in which case I'll head down to Barin." Josh responded. "Sounds good Ensign. Tell me what you're going to do if you get a `Chip Light'" the FDO asked incest sex toplist Josh to recite the procedures for this particular emergency. There was a pair of magnets within the oil in engine gearbox that would illuminate a pregnant sex toplist `chip light' in the cockpit if a piece of metal attached itself between preten toplist them. This was an indication that the engine gears were coming apart or schoolgirl pantyhose toplist disintegrating."I'll cease my current maneuver, set 850 foot-pounds of torque, and turn the aircraft towards the cp gallery toplist nearest suitable landing field. Upon arrival I will execute a precautionary emergency landing approach. If the engine fails in flight I will execute the emergency engine shutdown procedures and land the aircraft on the nearest suitable surface" Josh recited the procedure perfectly. "Very good Ensign. You have aircraft 381 today, it's parked at Bravo 7, have a good flight!" said the FDO. "Thank you sir" Josh smiled from ear to ear and walked out onto the flight line... alone.Josh flew southwest through the operating area. It was May now, and the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast formed cumulous clouds that would likely turn to thunderstorms later in the afternoon. Josh darted and banked around the clouds pretending he was on a low level bombing run down a tight canyon.Josh had enough fuel to stay airborne for two hours and still land with his required reserve, so he decided to do a little sight seeing as well as completing his required maneuvers. He flew out to Fort Morgan, an old fort on a peninsula at the mouth of Mobile Bay in Alabama. He recalled reading about the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay in a history course in college. And now, 130 years later, Joshua Scott roared across the top of this historic fort in his Navy aircraft at over 200 knots.Josh then flew east down the beach back towards Florida. Josh was amazed at the beauty of the scenery; when he was flying with Lt Pride, he never got a chance to look at it. The sand was sugar white and the russian boys toplist water was crystal clear. The rich blue sky was framed with bright white toplist cartoon tgp puffy clouds. As he passed hotels and beach parks, people would get up off their towels and wave to him toplist teensex as he flew by. Josh waved his wings back webcam toplist girl and forth slightly returning their greeting. He knew that tomorrow, he and Brandon would be on a similar beach, some 50 miles east of here, enjoying the sun, sand and waves as well."This is what adult toplist I've been working for" Josh thought. "I really am a Navy pilot now! I'm not up here with some other pilot taking me for a ride; I'm really doing this all myself and I LOVE IT!"Josh entered the landing pattern at Barin instead of Summerdale, because of it's proximity to the beach he had just flown up. He executed six touch and go landings, only one of which Josh was displeased with. Then the time arrived when Josh knew he needed to begin his return to Whiting Field."Pensacola Approach, Navy six echo three eight one at 3d toon toplist Horak, 3000 feet, with information India" Josh called the entry point for his recovery approach. "Navy three eight one, Approach, radar contact, you are cleared for the Ensley Arrival, maintain 3000 feet, altimeter two niner eight niner" the controller cleared Josh. "Roger, 3000 feet, two niner, eight niner, Navy three eight one" Josh read back his assigned altitude and altimeter setting.Josh entered the landing pattern at Whiting North Field and made a flawless approach and touchdown. He taxied and parked on the Charlie line. After he shut the engine down and handed control of the aircraft off to toplist kds sex the Plane Captain, he packed up his kneeboard and charts and walked down the line to the ready room. He loved teen nonude toplist the atmosphere. Pilots, plane captains, and aircraft were all about him, some were arriving, and some were departing. It was noisy and the smell of jet exhaust filled the air. He was his own man with his own mission. "I could get used to this life!" Josh thought to himself.It was still about an hour before the Tie Cutting Ceremony was going to begin when Josh walked into the Study Center. "I did it! I Soloed" Josh announced. "Awesome!" said Joe "Ryan and cute girls toplist Nick came in from their Solos a little hardcore incest toplist porn while ago, I think they went to get a bite to eat." "So how many does that make of you guys gettin your ties cut tonight?" asked Mark. "Well," Josh began "there's me and Pete, plus Chris and Drew, and Nick and Ryan, so I guess there'll be six of us." "Hopefully the other eight of us will all be Soloed by next Friday" Mark added. "Ya, let's keep the class together!" Josh agreed.The aviators met in a banquet room at the Officers Club. Everyone was in their flight suits except for the Commanding Officer, Commander Richardson, who was dressed in Summer Khaki uniform. The six instructors and yong pron toplist their students that were participating in the ceremony sat up front, and the back of the room was filled with other instructors and students that came to drink beer, jeer at and applaud the proceedings.CDR Richardson gave a short speech about the milestone that each of these student aviators had just achieved. "Solo flight is about confidence and self reliance" he began. "There are certain things in aviation that cannot be taught, they must be experienced. And nowhere is the learning curve as steep as behind the control stick of an aircraft piloted by only one man."The ceremony now progressed to each instructor/student pair standing up before the audience and relating a funny story as well as comments from the instructor on the skills of the student. At the end of each instructor's comments, he would take a pair of scissors and cut off the student aviator's neck tie and the student would present his instructor with his favorite bottle of liquor.Lt Green stood and introduced his student "I have had the privilege for the past month to fly with Ensign Ryan Young. Ryan and I got off to a rough start... in that it's difficult to teach a pilot to fly when he's pukin the whole flight!" The audience roared and Ryan hung his head low as he knew this humiliation was coming. "He eventually learned to hold the control stick with one hand and fly, while he held his sick bag and barfed with the other now that's a trick!" the aviators went wild in laughter. "But more seriously, he did overcome that problem and has become a fine aviator now he just needs to clean the stains out of his flight suits!" Lt Green reached up and grabbed the tie around Ryan's blushing neck and snipped it off to the cheers of the crowd.It came time for Lt Pride and Josh to stand before the rowdy aviators. "I'm Lt Robert Pride and my on-wing is Ensign Josh Scott. I gotta say that Josh is the best stick I've ever flown with as an on-wing, and Josh, once you're in the fleet, I would like to extend an invitation for you to fly as my wingman anytime!" The crowd booed. They didn't want to hear a bunch of compliments... they wanted some Dirt! Lt Pride put his free beastiality toplist hand up and said "but I know that's boring, so let me tell you bout one afternoon over the beach!" The aviators quieted to hear what the lieutenant had to say."There we were with a simulated engine failure setting up for a crash landing underground illegal toplist at the waters edge and I look up to the front cockpit and see Josh's helmet turned 90 degrees left. I say to myself we're landing on the sand straight ahead, what the hell is he lookin over there for and I turned and looked myself. And there is this topless woman with the biggest rack you've ever seen standing up on her towel, probably wonderin what we're up to!" The aviators went wild "Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!" they screamed. Lt Pride got them kiddy porn toplist quieted down to finish his story "So I'm like Josh! Let's think with the big head and not the little one and land this pig!" and that brought the house down. Lt Pride grabbed Josh's tie, cut it off and then shook his hand while he patted Josh on the back.Josh was having a great time, but he didn't really understand the lieutenant's story. He recalled that afternoon and remembered being momentarily distracted by a flock toplist cp lol of Sea Gulls that they almost hit as they approached their simulated crash landing on the beach, but boys toplist sex he never saw a topless woman! He liked this type of misguided attention because it helped cover his homosexuality. Since everyone that looked at him assumed he was a lady's man, they interpreted situations from that frame of reference. The lieutenant assumed that Josh was toplist dojin eye-balling a topless woman because that is what he expected Josh lilita toplist would do. Josh toplist teen blog thought teeny porn toplist this was all just fine!After the last instructor slashed the tie of his on-wing student, Commander Richardson stepped up to the bar and rang the bell signifying the toplist rompl tapping of a keg that was purchased by the on-wing instructors. This free beer was the main draw that attracted so many aviators and turned the Friday afternoon Tie- Cuttings into major parties. Josh joined the other Solo pilots at the bar for the obligatory tequila shot. "Wings of Gold!" Pete toasted as he raised his shot glass. "Wings of Gold!" the other aviators eagerly repeated. They each swallowed the tequila in one swift chug. nude 12 16 toplist ===============Brandon and Steve were lounging on the sofa in the living room of Brandon's trailer. boys nude toplist It was a hot, humid evening and the boys had shed most of their clothing down to their boxers. "Dude, you should get us something to eat" Steve complained. "Let me see what I can find" said Brandon as he wandered into the kitchen. sex toplists "So where's Josh tonight?" asked Steve. "He's got some Navy ceremony tonight and then he's gotta go stay in that beach house that he's bringin me to tomorrow" replied Brandon. "Shit, ur lucky!" said Steve."All I can find is macaroni and cheese, should I cook that?" Brandon suggested. "Sure, macaroni is cool you got any hot dogs or tuna to stick in it?" replied Steve. "Na, shit, I don't even have any milk, so I'm just gonna make it with water" Brandon answered. "Fuck dude, you guys ever go to the store round here?" Steve complained. They sat watching Wheel of Fortune as they ate their macaroni."It's good to hang with you dude" said Steve. "Ya, it's cool" agreed Brandon. "I don't hardly see u no more since u became Josh's bitch." "Fuck you Steve, I told you I'm not Josh's bitch!" "Well, who fucks who? That's how u determine who the bitch is!" reasoned Steve. "We haven't even done that! protested Brandon. "So nobody is nobody's bitch!" "Fuck, I just assumed that a couple of fags would be fuckin. Isn't that what fags do?" Steve questioned nonchalantly."Fuck you Steve! Quit calling me a fag!" yelled Brandon getting agitated. "Fuckin fag" Steve laughed. "Fuckin Stop!" Brandon screamed. Brandon's face was red and veins and tendons were sticking out preeteen toplist of his neck. Steve enjoyed pushing Brandon's buttons and tossed in one more "Faaag!"Brandon flipped out and jumped nude japan schoolgirls toplist onto Steve. Normally Steve would have been able to handle Brandon quite easily, but at this moment Brandon had caught Steve off nude goth toplist guard and he had an adrenaline rush that Steve couldn't match. Brandon used a couple of moves that he had learned while on the wrestling team and quickly pinned Steve, sitting on his chest and holding Steve's arms with his knees."Now," said Brandon "Ur fuckin gonna suck my cock so ur just as much as a fag as me!" "No fuckin way!" yelled Steve as he scrunched up his nose. Brandon toplist illegal childrens wasn't allowing any dissent and reached back and grabbed Steve by the balls. "Fuuuuck!" screamed Steve "Stop illegal gay toplist it Brandon!" Steve struggled once again to break the hold that Brandon had on him, but to no avail. "Ur suckin my cock!" demanded Brandon. He let go of Steve's balls and reached up to the fly of his boxers and flopped his kiddy cp tgp toplist semi-hard cock out onto Steve's upper chest. Steve whimpered in pain from the attack on his balls while Brandon inched himself forward illegal toplist porn until his cock was right above Steve's face."Now lick it!" demanded Brandon. "Fuck you Brandon!" Steve shouted back. Brandon rubbed zep toplist his near hard cock back and forth across Steve's clenched lips. "Listen u fucker, I was nice to you and sucked ur cock when zeps toplist u begged me to do it, and then u called me names afterwards" Brandon yelled. "Now I want some fuckin naked child toplist payback. Suck it!" "uh-uh" Steve indicated no, without opening his mouth.Brandon was pissed. He reached back to Steve's balls and grabbed them tight again. "Fuck! Ok, Ok, Ok" cried Steve. "I'll suck you if you suck me again" Steve suggested hopefully. "Ya Steve I'll suck u, but if I let u up an u back out on me, I swear I'll go postal on u!" Brandon warned as he once again tightened and twisted free toplist pics his grip on Steve's balls. "Ok, Ok, Ok, I won't back out!" promised Steve. Brandon released his grip and then crawled off of his best friend. Steve pulled his knees up into the fetal position while he lightly sobbed in pain.Brandon felt terrible that he had hurt his friend so badly, but felt justified. Steve could be such an asshole and when he got on something that irritated Brandon sometimes he just wouldn't let up. Through the years this would usually lead to a fist fight that Steve would inevitably win, but this evening Brandon chose a different solution. He figured - if Steve had done as much sexually with a guy as Brandon had, then how could he possibly continue to call him a fag?Brandon suddenly felt sorry for Steve and laid next to him putting his arm around him and lightly kissing the side of his face and forehead. Steve felt loved and welcomed the warmth and comfort that Brandon was offering. He turned his head slightly and caught Brandon's mouth. They rubbed their tongues against each other's and explored free hentai toplist each other's mouths. Steve was surprised at how much he enjoyed kissing Brandon. He rolled over and put his arm around Brandon as well.Brandon got up off the sofa holding Steve's hand and beckoned Steve to follow him to his bedroom. Brandon's boxers were stretched in the front showing Steve that they weren't going in there to sleep. When Steve promised Brandon that he would reciprocate in oral sex, he had planned to follow through on his word, but suddenly he realized that he wasn't just going to do it just to preserve his friendship or to get a blow job in return, he recognized that he really wanted to.Brandon led Steve onto the mattress on the floor of his bedroom. Steve leaned down over Brandon and kissed him deeply as his hand explored the smooth skin of Brandon's chest and abdomen. Brandon ran his hand down Steve's back and into Steve's boxers cupping the right cheek of his ass. Steve ground his hips and steel hard cock into Brandon's groin as Brandon pulled his hand on Steve's ass cheek in towards him.Brandon pulled down Steve's boxers and Steve assisted him in removing toplist biz teens both of their underwear. Now they could feel the warmth of each other's skin as well as the stiffness of russian girls toplist each other's cocks as Steve lay on top of Brandon and between his legs. Steve leaned in once incest toplist daddy again to taste the pleasure of Brandon's mouth and lips. His hand reached up to stroke Brandon's hair. He pulled off Brandon's mouth momentarily so he could look into Brandon's deep blue eyes. They both smiled.Steve's hand wandered down to Brandon's chest, he discovered a perky nipple and lowered his mouth to explore it more thoroughly. Steve enjoyed the taste and texture of rubbing his tongue over Brandon's erect tit. Brandon whimpered as Steve teased his breast and ran his hands across Brandon's abdomen down onto his thighs before circling them back to teen photos toplist his cock and balls.Brandon reached down and grabbed Steve's cock guiding their two cocks together with his hand and squeezed them collectively as he stroked up and down. kiddie toplist Steve began to hump into Brandon's hand and groin. Their mouths rejoined and they resumed their tongue dance and oral exploration. Steve slipped his hand down, rubbed behind Brandon's balls and then cupped both of their balls together.Steve resumed licking Brandon's chest and stomach. He was enjoying this immensely. Suddenly Steve realized that Brandon's body had 14 yo nude toplist been before him his whole life, and only now was he choosing to taste its pleasures. When Steve reached Brandon's belly button he kissed and licked at it as his chin bumped up against Brandon's hard shaft.Steve then decided to place his mouth onto Brandon's penis. No longer japanese teen toplists would he be a boy who had not tasted the manhood of another. Now whenever he yelled out "cocksucker!" or naked girl toplist "faggot!" it would have a little different meaning.He enjoyed the smooth texture and warmth of Brandon's cock as he ran it in and out of his mouth. "Fuck dude! Don't chow on it; it's not a hot dog!" Brandon complained about Steve's teeth. Steve lifted his head for a moment while he continued to stroke with his hand, lubricated with saliva. "Sorry dude! I was just russian toplist nude getting into it I guess" Steve replied. Steve reached up to his lips to grab a stray public hair before leaning back down to resume his new found delight.Brandon began to teen tgp toplist moan and pump his hips as Steve got into his groove and figured out the mechanics of fellatio. "I'm getting close!" Brandon warned. Steve continued to suck at a frantic pace. "Duuuude! I'm about to shoot!" reminded Brandon. Suddenly Brandon was trying to hold back the now inevitable kids porn toplist orgasm until he could get his straight friend's mouth off his cock. He threw a hand down under Steve's chin and lifted, but Steve remained fast. Brandon exploded without further warning. He leaned up and his arms encircled Steve's head. His hips gyrated as kids porno toplist he pumped his load deep into Steve's throat. Finally Steve rose from his task as Brandon's ecstasy became too intense and he begged Steve to stop."Dude, I tried to warn you; I tried not to jiz in topless teen 14yo toplist ur mouth" Brandon said panting. Steve sat up wiping some unswallowed cum from his lips and cheek. "I always thought that's the way a blow job was done, dude. It's not a blow job if you finish it off with ur hand" replied Steve."Well, I just don't really like spooge in my mouth is all" said Brandon. "Why not? It doesn't taste bad, it's no big deal" reasoned Steve. "Ya, your spit doesn't taste bad either, an I get a mouth full of it when I'm kissing you, but it would still be gross if you spit in my mouth!" argued Brandon. toplist porn Steve laughed because he knew Brandon was totally right. "Ya, why is that? we're so afraid of each other's bodily fluids and then we practically swim in them. You fuckin sweat all over me dude!" Steve toplist porn kiddy illegal joked. "No more than u sweat on me, fucker!" Brandon shot back as he pulled Steve down onto his chest and into another kiss.Steve rolled off of Brandon and lay next to him with one leg still intertwined. "Did u ever think bout where milk comes from as ur eatin ur cereal in the morning?" said Steve. "Fuck dude! That's sick!" squealed Brandon. "I never thought about that! I don't think I'll drink any more milk" pretten toplist Brandon added. "I don't think you have to worry bout that, you never have any in this house anyway!" teased Steve. They both asien sex toplist laughed.They lay there relaxing for a while and then Steve realized that their deal included some sexual relief for him toplist teen thumbs too. "So u gonna blow me too faggot?" asked Steve. "Fuck Steve! I thought we agreed on that shit!" yelled Brandon. "We agreed that I was blowin u and u were blowin me, but we didn't say shit about callin each other Faggot" Steve defended. Steve rolled over and sunk his lips toplist darkcollection back onto Brandon's.Brandon put a hand on Steve's shoulder and guided him back onto his back as they remained locked at the lips. Then Brandon started kissing his way down Steve's neck and chest. After he paid Steve's nipples close attention he grabbed Steve's rock hard cock with his hand as he licked down to his belly button. As Brandon sucked on Steve's bikini toplist cock he thought about their discussion of bodily fluids and Steve's true definition of a blow job. He decided to take his load, after all, he did the last time he sucked Steve and it didn't hurt him. When Steve reached orgasm, he was pleased that Brandon didn't pull off. Steve shoved his cock as deep down Brandon's throat as he could as he shot his teen cum deep into his friend.They both collapsed onto the bed sweaty and exhausted. They lay there for a few minutes before rompl toplist either of them even moved. "You know, I've blown you now too dude, so you can call me faggot too" Steve said."How bout nobody calls nobody that" suggested Brandon. "Don't be such a pussy Brandon, it's fun... it's like when two black guys call each other `nigger'. It's ok when they say it." Brandon wasn't convinced. "Shit, guys at school might start thinking that we really are faggots" Brandon complained. "Fuck dude, I don't mean to call each other faggot in front of the guys! We don't need that kinda shit. I mean just between us, ok?" said Steve. Brandon still didn't like it, he realized that he was probably gay, but he also recognized that he wasn't ready to identify himself that way."Shit Steve, when you call me a fag it makes me think like I am one; I mean we're not gay!" Brandon argued. "Well, I know I'm not gay, but I'm not so sure bout you, dude" said Steve. "What the fuck do you mean?" Brandon shot back defensively. "Well, I'm not in love with a guy" Steve reasoned, then he added "Ur my best friend in the world, so I spose I love you, but I know I'm not in-love with you. U know what I toplist lolta mean?" "So, ur sayin since I love Josh I'm gay?" asked Brandon. "That's exactly what lol teens toplists I'm sayin!" replied Steve.Brandon thought about this. He didn't toon toplist like the conclusiveness of such an analogy. Steve could see the concern that Brandon was experiencing over this revelation. "Don't worry bout it dude! It's no big deal" Steve consoled Brandon. Steve rolled on his side, put his arm around Brandon and pulled his body into his. They fell asleep in this embrace.----------------------------------If there's still anybody out there reading, let me know!The offer for a photograph of Brandon remains open for anyone that may have missed it before. Email me your request. (it's the same photo offered in previous chapters)
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